Contract to-hire

Contract Staffing Agency

Are you trying to balance between urgency and quality? Serve Staffing Solutions offers you the opportunity to test the skills and work habits of candidates before offering them a full-time position. Our professional recruiting team evaluates the candidates and choose the best employee for your organisation. Our services of Contract-to-Hire will provide your organization ample of time for “Try-Out “period to choose the excellent source for your company.
Through our successful staffing services in USA, we maximize your business efficiency and business production.
We know our clients and so we know their needs. We are there to support them throughout the staffing cycle. We know our business and work towards our clients’ interest. Our focus is to provide high classic standards in contract-to-hire services without compromising on quality and productivity.
We work with the approach of an excellent understanding of the appropriation and ensure that staffing manager and client hiring manager share the same expectations. Our process of contract-to-hire starts with the shortlisting of eligible candidates according to the technical requirements of the client. Besides we will schedule an interview of the candidates and engagement process. We are aligned towards customer satisfaction to ensure the smooth transition in the staffing process.
Key things we focus on:
• Constant upgrade of soft skills
• On-demand technical training
• Orientation programs on future technology trends
• Regular training during the pre-contract period
• Regular performance reviews
• Conduct satisfaction and competence checks every month
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