Ways to boost employee creativity and productivity

Ways to boost employee creativity and productivity

Employee morale and workplace productivity are complementary to each other. If you have a sneaking doubt that your employees aren’t feeling enchanted with the workplace then let me tell you… You are not alone. Research shows that more than 52 percent of people are unhappy at the workplace — and nearly 70 percent are disengaged.

To keep your company alive and thriving you need to have some creative way out as when things get laboured, operations quickly grind to a halt.

Many US Staffing companies have incorporated unique and novel methods to keep their employees engaged and active which in return helps them in maintaining a work-life balance, learning new skills, preparing for the day, etc. Today we have compiled seven cost-effective ways for you through which you can boost an employee’s creativity and productivity at your organization. Scroll down, enjoy the blog with the sip of your black coffee.

1. Give shape to their career paths:

No matter how much professional environment you are providing to employees they will leave a company if they don’t see advancement opportunities. So it is advisable to be the mentor in shaping their career path.  Help your staff in developing pragmatic career goals. For this, you can hold a career-planning discussion at your office or, launch a mentorship program to assist employees in working towards internal opportunities.

2. Show appreciation:

The sign of a good manager is to regularly show employees how much he/she values their contributions. You don’t require a particular occasion to tell your employee how much important they are for your company. Your small surprises and tokens of appreciation can really boost the productivity of your employee. You can look for ways to celebrate a job well done on the internet. Plan for monthly best performer awards program, hosting a company event, or asking employees to share tips and advice with colleagues — it’ll be quite the confidence booster.

Employee Tips

Reports say about 79 percent of people quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation. It won’t take much for a leader to make his subordinates feel valued and appreciated. So arrange some appreciation booster for your team before they lack the interest in their job.

3. Have one-on-one session with your employees:

We all have heard that communication is the key to an efficient workforce. Your interaction with your employees can help you to know their USP. In fact in this technological world, other than with the mere click of a button (or should we say, tap of a touch screen)– you can communicate with your employees. Through these sessions, you will be able to share different ideas with your employees which in return will minimize the conflict of interest. Apart from emails, you can use social networking tools like Slack which is designed for instant team communication.

If you are sensing that your employees are lacking interest in their workplace try to communicate- a quick meeting or phone call can settle a matter that might have taken hours of back-and-forth emails.

4. Make your team technically sound:

No doubt it is the skill of your employee that will help your business but the tools they use to shape your work also play a huge role. Using the right software and tools will make their work easy and interesting. Here is the list of tools for your employees:

  •  Time Tracking Apps
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Communication Apps
  • Gaming Apps

5. Remote work plays wonders:

Introduce the culture of remote work at your workplace as it can benefit you with less sick leaves, better performance, more engaged work and great productivity. Most of the companies look for candidates who are comfortable with remote working. In fact, recruitment agencies in US give first preference to those candidates only as they can be a key to significant cost savings for businesses.

Research background:

From 2012 to 2016, Gallup reports the number of employees working remotely jumped from 39% to 43%. And a Global Workplace Analytics survey found remote work has seen 103% growth among non-self-employed telecommuters over the last decade.

6. Treat your employees as people:

Your employees are not machines, they have a life as you do. Always try to make a family-like atmosphere at your workplace. There may be a single mother working at your office who may not always have a babysitter lined up. So provide them support and they will work for you with full dedication

7. Call for team gathering and celebrate victories no matter how small:

Team gatherings and parties- this is what every employee dreams for. Surf the internet and find the best and unique ways to celebrate your victory with employees because when an employee sees that every positive contribution to the team is acknowledged, he or she understands that their efforts are being counted and really making difference to the organization. Time for celebrations and yes don’t forget to click the group picture.

So, if you want to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff, try out a few of these cost-efficient tips and enjoy the benefits.

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