1. Why should I approach a Staffing agency to find a job?

Looking for a job is not easy and it can cost your time and energy. Staffing agencies can assist you in finding the most suitable job for you in a hassle-free manner. Staffing agencies can provide you with a listing of those positions that otherwise may not have been posted—and can get résumés in front of the right people.

Besides staffing agencies are with you throughout the recruitment cycle and they ensure that one gets a perfect job according to their requirements and criteria. You can even find staffing agencies that provide extra support to candidates like résumé revisions and interview prep workshops.

Staffing agencies are partners to job seekers and are more into the success of their individual, temporary and contract employees.

2. What services do staffing companies provide?

Staffing organizations provide a wide variety of employment-related services that include contractual staffing, permanent staffing and contract-to-hire, seasonal staffing, etc. They have a responsibility to prescreen candidates and help them in getting the desired job. For a variety of industries, staffing agencies help to place good employees after a multi-step interview process. Staffing agencies are meant to fulfill staffing needs successfully, no matter the industry.

3. What can be shelf line for a temporary job?

The span of a temporary job truly depends upon the requirement of an employer. Usually, temporary positions last one to three months, before the job is completed or the employer chooses to provide full-time employment. If the performance of the candidate is according to the employer he can be offered a full-time position. The candidate would then become an employee of the company, as opposed to an employee of the staffing agency.

4. Do candidates have to pay for the services of a staffing agency?

The answer is No. Almost every staffing agency provides the services for free. They are paid by either organization or sometimes by the government to help unemployed candidates find work. Registering with recruitment agencies is FREE and even when a candidate is selected for a job; it is the employer who will be charged for the services. At Premier Staffing, employees benefit from a weekly paycheck, often larger than their full-time counterparts.

5. Do staffing agencies offer replacement guarantee if things don’t work out?

Absolutely! Staffing agencies do guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate departs or is dismissed within 3 months. According to us, this is a good time for a candidate and an employer to know each other’s requirements. For our clients, we spend so much time carefully matching the right candidate with the right job.