How to transform boring formals into trending ones

How to transform boring formals into trending ones

When you spend 9-5 in the office, why not put some colors in your professional life by dressing in work wear that is stylish and fashionable. Well most of us have a phobia of the boring and dull office wears but it is time to take style to work.

Have you ever faced the situation of waking up on Monday with a feeling of joy and happiness and suddenly your smile changes into disappointment as your mirror is not complementing you in boring outfits?

If this is you, then you are reading the right stuff. Every week 3 out of 5 times, we find ourselves running late as we often face a condition of “I’ve got nothing to wear”. I truly understand that these tedious and dearly office wears are killing fashion monsters in you leaving you looking dull and ungrateful.

Take a deep breath and put our creative fashion minds to work. Let us together figure out how to stop dressing boring to work. Read on and know about 5 classy outfit ideas which will get you going from Monday to Friday.

1.    Add colors to your boring formal look:

Be it a casuals or formals colors give life to both. Most of us are unjustly scared of incorporating colours to our formal looks; we usually prefer something in navy or grey for office. But remember colours can be timeless too. Think about the olive green suit with black velvet loafers: sounds elegant, right? So why not try it? You can look particularly rakish.  Experiment with pinks, greens, mustard and brighter shades of blue as especially versatile year-round shades, is going to lift your entire dull and dreary office look. But one should always keep in mind when it comes to color, less is still more: Don’t make it gaudier, your garment needs a bit of it. Play with colors and come up with something extraordinary.

2. Add checks to your formal wardrobe:

Be it a simple formal shirt or a blazer, checks always take away the heart. Take a break from your usual office clothing and use checks; it will pull the whole thing together seamlessly. Men can wear checks with black jeans and women can fuse it with a printed dress, or really anything in between. Remember when you carry yourself in a good way your morale and confidence boost automatically.

3. Right glasses with the right outfit can play wonders:

Eyeglasses you wear are a really important part of your identity. Nowadays it is trending to use eyeglasses with formal wear as it helps to create a sophisticated image for you. People hardly spend five to seven minutes in selecting the spectacles. But remember your glasses are going to define you for years. Besides easing your work eyeglasses can add to your sophisticated office looks.

“Poor choice and poor fit are why so many people learn to hate their glasses.”

Explore various online eyeglass shops that give you the chance to try various eyeglasses. Buy what you feel good in, but so consider your face shape. The pattern of eyeglasses depends on your outfit. If you have on a cute little cocktail dress, some fun, punchy frames can add personality. But if you’re going black-tie, rimless frames may prove to be a better choice.

4. The classic look via shirts:

It may sound silly to you but the truth is you can make your formal shirt look more expensive if it’s “well-pressed.” It is all about the details that you are going to put in your formals. It is advisable to avoid bold styles unless you think you can carry it off. If you are thinking to go for a collar that works with or without a tie choose semi-cutaway as it helps your color to sit properly under a jacket. Women can add fun to their looks by wearing a statement piece like pump heels, bag, jewellery, steel wristwatch, nude lip color, nude nail paint, etc

5. Simple & feminine look (for ladies).

If you are a kind of girl who wants to have something between girly and formal look then this section is for you.  If you feel chiffon and glamorous pink is not for office then think again. You can wear knee-length chiffon dresses in any color or print, cringed at the waist, paired with smart blazers. It is all about how fine you can carry things. Shoes-wise, heels look better however you can also don ballet flats.

Try above-mentioned looks and dispel the myth that office wear is always boring. These styles surely deserve a spot in every wardrobe as they won’t soon go out of style. So, what is your signature office look? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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