How to tackle different type of personalities at workplace

How to tackle different type of personalities at workplace

As they say “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

In the workplace, you may come across co-workers with different personalities and that may be a new set of challenges for you. You may encounter different types of individuals, temperaments, dispositions and nature but it all goes with how good you are in handling these situations.

You may face some problems in creating that comfortable aura for yourself but you can’t simply walk away and disengage when somebody with a dissimilar personality or values crosses your avenue.

While dealing with different personalities you have to be sure to maintain your professional dignity. Learning the proper skills can help an individual to handle such situations in his work cycle and can give him peace of mind at the work station.

So scroll down and reads about some ideas and tips on how you can manage different types of personalities in the workplace.

1. Keep the positive mindset:

The positive attitude is a vital factor if you are trying to manage distinct personas at your workplace. You should always keep in your mind that everyone in your company is working for the same goal.

 Some people may not accept this idea wholeheartedly, and some of you may even think to work on an individual level. A good leader has to assure that these “lone wolves” will work with the rest of the team. A leader can involve them in group discussions, team meetings, group projects and team activities.

Every one of us has personal issues but one should keep in mind not to bring home to the office. Our behavior at work should not reflect that something happened back at home.

Start your day with the right mindset and avoid adding to a hostile atmosphere. Ruminating on personal problems can crash affect your performance and frame of mind toward your coworkers.

2. Learn how to handle egos:

Some of your colleagues may go out of their way to prove themselves better than you. Staff like this doesn’t work according to the norms and they tend to do things their own way, and most of the times their worth of work doesn’t match what they actually imagine of themselves. Coworkers with egos usually don’t hesitate from a fight, so tackling with them in a careful way is important. When you find yourself in such a situation always try to have a non-judgmental response. Also, when your focus will be on your work the ego of your colleague will not impact you at all. But don’t tolerate being bullied, if the situation is out of control talk to your hierarchy they will find a way for you.

3. Give gossips a positive direction:

Girls are synonymous to gossips and every corner of office has some degree of gossips. It is advisable not get involved in any office gossips. Juicy gossip can be hard to oppose, but if a manager is indulged in gossips it can affect the sense of professionalism. Healthy talks are always welcomed in an organization so try to give positive shape to these negative gossips.

4.  Try to adapt according to your coworkers:

It is a fact no matter how different personalities you have in the office; you have to work with them. You should never interrupt people’s process with your inner vibes. Discover what type of behavior people have, and adapt yourself accordingly. Don’t change your persona for someone but ya at least you can adapt yourself according to the situation for the peace of mind.

5.  Don’t take it to heart:

Nowadays everyone is stressed and dealing with their personal problems. Sometimes your coworkers can overreact and stress will be reflected through their behavior. If your colleagues are being negative or unpleasant always tell your mind every negative or uncomfortable encounter is not directly for you.

If you ever encounter such a situation try to calm your mind and take a few minutes to step back and assess the situation fully – maybe your coworkers are anxious about something going on at home. Taking things on a personal level can leave a negative impact on your work and attitude.

Always remember, your priority should be your goals. You can find different personalities that may stand in the way of getting the job done. Try to maintain a positive and non-judgmental environment that is the best way to handle such a situation in your professional phase.

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