Things to do during boring office meetings

Things to do during boring office meetings

Long five meeting hours and your eyes are still trying to find a mistake in the ceiling design of your meeting room…Stuck in a dull, boring and humdrum office meeting which is compulsory to attend? Don’t worry; this is a case with every employee. Our lifestyle has become such that the office and life are almost one and the same. Sometimes you are forced to invite totally uncalled discussions. All you do is checking your watch again and again and realizing that only a few minutes have passed since you last checked the time.

Ok! So, face it: You’re trapped here, and it’s going to be harrowing—unless you give yourself something productive to do. So how are you going to tackle this situation?

Below are a few interesting ways that can help you in this situation.

1. Look at Technology:

This is surely true no matter what is the length of the meeting that phobia in our head is going to make us imagine all those blue and pink stars. Hold on! You can do something productive to overcome your boredom. Most of the times meetings you are attending revolve around PowerPoint presentations, projectors or the old fashioned slide machine. Try and examine how your orator is using each gadget and see if you can think of some modern alternative ways that would streamline your meetings; hence a shorter meeting in the future and less boredom on boards.

2. Time to be creative: Try your hand in doodling!

During office meetings, everyone invents hidden sketch artist in himself. If you are the one among them you don’t need to feel guilty. Wondering why?

Well, research says doodling isn’t just a way to fight off boredom. Not only it helps to draw creative ideas but also helps you in recalling the boring information. In all seriousness, sketching is a good thing to do as it actually helps you to focus.  So go ahead and sketch your way through that hideously pointless meeting without guilt as it is a strong and easy way to pay attention in a boring and must to attend office meetings.

3. Be a speaker rather than a listener:

Employees find office meetings boring and the main reason is that they have nothing to do but listen. The best way out to kill your boredom is try to be in the discussion. In a meeting try to ask subject related questions. Sometimes your lead asks you to hold your question at that situation you can write them down and save them for later. Of course, if you’re really capable to provide input during the meeting you should attempt to contribute as much as possible. Well, this question answer may cause the meeting to last slightly longer but at least you will be having something interesting in your kitty.

Key Note: Be specific with your questions and never ask inappropriate and out of topic questions.

4. Time to think about your future: Daydreaming (the right way):

Your sharp-eyed lead may be continuously looking at you for any sign of wandering attention, so think once before implementing any of the above ideas. Don’t worry! There is a way; even the most bad-tempered managers can’t monitor your imagination; it is going to be your brain and your thoughts… So use your creative thoughts productively while in time-wasting meetings.

Stop imagining snow-covered mountains of Switzerland, it is not about your vacation the idea is to rehearse an upcoming event or project. This sort of semi-focused daydreaming helps you think through and prepare for the future, upgrading real-life achievements when the time comes.

5. Make to-do List:

Framing your To-do lists can be a productive thing during your tedious office meetings. To do lists are a part of life— be it for the office or home. How about making a to-do list for a new project or list of groceries you need to pick up before you go home? Or, you can roll contacts you promised to meet on this weekend. To do lists are a never-ending thing but a meeting where you’re bored is a great time to come up with your list.

Things you shouldn’t do:

Surf the Internet and you’ll find millions of different ways to count the lights and colours of shirts in the room. These tips may help you in fighting your boredom but what about your productivity? Scroll down and know what you should avoid during boring office meetings:

1.    Never get your lunch to a non-lunch meeting

2.    Never hold a side conversation with your colleague

3.    Never get up and leave without permission

4.    Never use your phone constantly.

5.    Never nod off to sleep

6.    Never be penny polite and pound rude

Doesn’t matter how time-consuming the meetings are, there are things you can do to avoid your boredom. Try above-mentioned productive tips and if you’ve got a helpful idea for a boring meeting let us know in the comment section below!

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