Tips for getting job after you've been fired

Tips for getting job after you've been fired

It is not always that things will go according to our plans. Sometimes we think everything is going fine at our job, and suddenly we get shocked to receive walking papers in our hands.

Getting fired from a job is often stressful and compounded with the emotions of fear and insecurity. Besides mourning your job and examining what happened, try to clear the next step i.e. prepare for your next position.

There are many staffing agencies in USA that help candidates to cope with the bad experience of their previous job. On your level, you can take some measures to minimize the consequences that termination may have on your career goal. Read more about the tips which can help you in finding a job:

1. Waiting is never an option:

We are human beings so it is obvious after one is fired from a job there can be a disturbance in the emotional scale. But you may be aware of the saying that “it is easier to find a job when you have a job…” This saying somehow holds a good place in our lives. It is difficult to get back into the swing if you are out of the game for a lengthy span. If you are going through the same try to act fast. Research and utilize your sources until you will get something good in your kitty.

2. Your LinkedIn can be a good source:

Don’t lose your heart if you are fired by someone as there are probably a LOT of other people out there who know you’re skill-set, trust you as a colleague, and have recognized your superb work ethics. Request your connections for recommendation and endorsement on LinkedIn; this will increase your social media presence and maybe a recruiter will approach you. Make sure to get a specific and unbiased recommendation. Sometimes people ask for the recommendation to their friends who exaggerate their qualities and skills which in return increases expectations of the recruiter. So pitch only those skills and qualities which you have. Always remember recommendations can play wonders in getting a dream career path.

3. Sharpen your job hunting skills:

Why not utilize this free time into a more productive way? Well, you can time frame to brush your job hunting skills to get the best results during job search.  People often engage themselves in random acts of applications, that is they send out their resumes to any company they find. Instead of random applications, it is advisable to spend time on researching companies according to your interest and skills. Besides, use your time in reading blogs and books from career experts to get some highlights on the job-hunting process.

4. Avoid mentioning “fired” word:

While describing your skills to an interviewer try to avoid the usage of the word “fired”. Though you shouldn’t lie about the actual reason of your unemployment — don’t say you left a job voluntarily when you didn’t — you can explain the situation more positively, so it doesn’t give a negative impression.

You can have many organizations that don’t care even if you were fired. But it is advisable not to represent yourself in an unenthusiastic way. Few reasons for leaving your last job which you can give to your interviewer are: my Company reduced headcount, my role was eliminated or my company downsized. We don’t suggest anyone to lie, but being downsized and being fired is the same.

5. Stay positive:

Never lose mind after losing your job. We understand it will be hard for you to stay positive but this is the only thing which will help you in finding the perfect match for your career. You can reduce the stress level by making sure you’re eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Surround yourself with positive peers and keep yourself busy with productive things. Volunteer work or a favorite hobby can do wonders for your soul.

As the saying goes “getting fired is the nature’s way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.”  So don’t lose hope it happens to most people throughout their careers. The vital thing is that how you deal with the situation in a professional way and see the opportunity that comes with it.

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