Tips to channelize your inner recruitment super hero

Tips to channelize your inner recruitment super hero

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a black superhero dress along with polished and shiny facemask. How does it feel? Well, I bet heroic already!

Everyone has a dream to live the life of their favorite superhero. Don’t worry as the recruitment field can give you this opportunity.

Life of a recruiter has an element of superheroes as with their hard work and continuous efforts they can change the life of a candidate.

While reading this you may be thinking what your superpowers are, how do you find out which cape to put on…? So read on about the top tips on how to channelize your recruitment superhero and to make sure the powers you spread are always good ones and never evil…

How can you channelize your inner superhero?

You can easily channelize the superhero inside you. First of all, recognize the superpower inside you. Whether you are searching the best talent in the market by examining your database, applying Boolean searches or you are into proper headhunting for a specific role, focus on your USP i.e., sphere where you dominate. You can represent this by promoting it on your brand i.e. social media accounts.

You can even ask for endorsements from your connections to exemplify and emphasize what your claim for super-heroism is. But be sure enough about the authenticity of endorsements. Try to get approvals from the external link as they are considered to be more authentic and honest.

Be the master of your superpower-

After you realize your superpowers, it is time to help others at your workplace. Talk to your colleagues about how you could champion other people in your company and how to become the superhero for this skill set. Sometimes training sessions, practice, and other activities can help you to polish your superpowers.

Always keep in mind; no superhero knows everything – be open to learning and feedbacks from your fellow superheroes!

Search your fellow superheroes and form a coalition-

By coupling up with other superheroes, your strengths will enhance and together you can create an exceptional and remarkable team. The alliance will allow others into your superhero circle as this will create a real champion work culture.

Within our superhero, we should all be channeling the best practice in the areas where we all are expert.

Time to beat the villain-

Superhero movies are full of villains who are always there to create trouble for a superhero. But the superhero still shines with his positive attitude and honest approach. You have to do same as a recruiter, cut the corners and make your marketplace.

Your responsibility as a superhero is to educate your candidates and clients. Trust your inner superpower and beat your competitor (villain). Everyone has a superhero inside; recognize it, and you will conquer the world.

Superpowers that a recruiter needs to become a recruitment Superman:

•    Always double-check hiring needs

•    Have a clear goal

•    Use project management software

•    Leverage your social media

•    Use learning management software for on-boarding process

•    Try to maintain transparent communication

So, what is your superhero power? Feel free to share this blog with a picture of your favorite iconic superhero!

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