Top 5 Social Media Recruitment Tips  That Work

Top 5 Social Media Recruitment Tips That Work

How many times a day you check your social media accounts that are constantly dominating your virtual world? Researchers believe that it is more than 20 times a day. Now take a minute and think don’t you have at least one (or more) person in your list who may depend on these networking sites?

Well, we know good food on your plate deserves your Insta story and a good place is worth for your live story. After all moments are meant to share.

Besides cherishing your moments in today’s world, social media plays an important productive role in every business sector and so is true with a staffing agency in USA. This magical platform is mostly used by various business sectors for their product promotion and brand visibility.

In fact, according to the research, about 92% of recruiters use social media tools in their recruitment efforts. Social media helps recruiters to pitch their service directly to the target audience as they can find a chunk of desired candidates who are looking for a new opportunity. 

Though social media will help you in connecting with the right candidate, it demands proper strategy and action plan. So, today in this blog we have shared unique recruitment tips with you. Scroll down to make your recruitment process easy and stress-free.

1.    Make sure you have used the right channel to approach candidates:

One can use different social media channels to recruit candidates but it is to be mentioned that every social media channel is not shaped in an equal manner. Read on as we have compiled popular social media channels and their unique recruitment benefits for you.


Yes, this year your facebook has added job feature to be in limelight like LinkedIn. There are various business pages where you can post jobs directly and candidates are asked to upload their resumes. Facebook assures to have maximum reach for your job ad. Besides you can also boost your post and select your target audience to get the most appropriate candidates. 


It is a professional social media site where you can have a profile of preferred candidates. So make sure to shape your LinkedIn Company page in the most professional manner as with 500 million users and 10 million job postings, it’s also the most standard one.


This channel may not be a traditional choice for the recruitment but it is a visual place where you can share your company posts and in-house images. It will help you in building trust among candidates.


Think of Twitter, it will surely help you with the intensification strategy for your main social media recruitment pieces. On twitter, you can certainly share new job postings for a little extra “zest”.

2. Always share quality content.

Your social media manager has to be very much responsible while sharing content on social media. Be your own or curated content, ensure that it is spam free. Select the content according to the taste of your audience and make sure to answer their queries through your content. Social media is not going to help you unless and until you don’t have something that others want to share. Make sure to upload entertaining, useful or interesting content. If you want your content to go viral, give people something worth sharing which can be in the form of:

•    Videos like how-to guides

•    Blog posts

•    Images

•    Photography

•    Infographics

•    Podcasts, etc.

3. Use proper hashtags:

Before posting jobs on your social media sites, make sure you have researched your niche hashtag as this will help you in maximum target reach.  It may sound easy to put # in the caption of your post but remember it is not that simple. It is actually a key to reach your desired candidates–if your hashtag isn’t targeting your potential candidates, it is redundant and you are going to lose it.

Besides online campaigns, it is the hashtags that can help you with maximum reach. But you don’t need to worry as there are various online tools which can help you in selecting specific hashtags for your service. So, try and be inventive with your hashtags and achieve what you want to.

 4. Time to host a live Q&A session via Periscope to meet the desired applicants:

Have you heard about Periscope before? Well, your social media life is not only about Facebook and Instagram. There are many more social media platforms and periscope is one among them.  It is a social media app that turns your life into a live broadcast. With this you can set up a live video stream from your phone and you can connect from anywhere and give access to others of that live stream. Many staffing agencies in USA are already using this magical tool for the recruitment process. Along with the Q&As, you can share your company culture with perfect fit candidates by broadcasting company events or a live video stream of your organization through this app. Besides it also increases the authenticity of your company as you will be answering queries through face-to-face interaction.

How to use:

•    Download Periscope on your phone.

•    Promote your Periscope Q&A.

•    Make sure you’re set up right on launch day.

•    Get familiar with the controls.

•    Do a practice run.

•   Broadcast! – Watch for questions to appear in the lower left corner of your screen and answer them.

5. Switch to social recruiting software:

You can easily streamline your recruitment process by making use of social recruiting softwares. These softwares can simplify your complex recruitment process. With these recruiting softwares, you can sync all of your company’s social media accounts, schedule posts, automate responses, and more. Some popular social recruiting software platforms include:

•    Jobvite

•    Bullhorn

•    Recruiterbox

•    Lever

•    Greenhouse.

US staffing is a very competitive industry so, follow these social media recruiting strategies and plan well before going ahead as rightly said, “You fail to plan and you will plan to fail.”

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